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It has been a long 6 months with no basketball for my recreational program. During these months the facility has been rented to our Competitive program and to other private rentals in an attempt to keep the business operating.


The purpose of this letter is a tough one for me to write. I wanted to address this in an in person meeting but I want everyone in the program to be able to hear the information first and I want you to hear it from me. THIS PANDEMIC HAS AFFECTED US ALL IN MANY WAYS and from it I try and take all the positive. I’ve done my best to patiently wait for a safe return to Thunder Kendall  for our recreational program but unfortunately at this time staying at our Kendall Location is no longer feasible.


KENDALL IS MY HOME and I take pride in my local community. I know I will have another gym here in Kendall when the time is right. I am grateful for that building and the opportunity it gave us to grow. This does NOT mean that we are done. We are far from over! This only means that we will be moving on from our current facility.

Where we go from has been determined by our current circumstances. One possibility was recently unexpectedly ruled out due to ongoing complications with the virus and a recent spike in numbers. During this time we are once again feeling the pressure of this virus that doesn’t go away. For the month of November our practices will be held at an outdoor location which is also a safer alternative to avoiding the spread of the virus. The location will be announced at the end of this week. The temporary location will be within a 4 mile radius of Thunder Kendall.

During the week of November 9th, we will begin our new Season and for those already paid and registered that league will run from November through January 30th. Practices will be Mondays and Wednesday’s at 5,6,7, or 8pm and games will be Saturday or Sundays at 9,10,11am.

I apologize for the delay in communication. I’ve had other plans but they have changed within the last 2 weeks. 
THIS IS TOUGH NEWS FOR ALL OF US. I AM SADDENED ABOUT WHAT'S HAPPENING BUT I AM ALSO EXXITED ABOUT WHAT THE FUTURE HAS IN STORE FOR US. Our Path may have changed but I trust in God and I trust in my Thunder Family and I know we will be Better. Our Goal will always be the same. To be OUR Best!! 🏆





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